Dream11- How to play, hack tricks, and much more

Dream11 is one of the largest sports gaming platforms in India. It has currently 100 million active users. A recent report of FIFS-KPMG shows that India’s online fantasy sports platforms have seen rapid growth in their user base, from around 2 million in 2016 to more than 90 million in 2019. According to the report, gross revenues for the operators of online fantasy sports were very huge.

Dream11 is India’s largest fantasy sports platform with more than 100 million users. The founders of dream11 are Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. It is a great platform for sports lovers in India to help them showcase their knowledge of the sport and let them compete with their friends and fans.    

Dream11 is the flagship of Dream Sports, India’s leading sports technology company other subsidiaries such as Fan code, DreamX, Dreampay, and DreamSetGo as part of its portfolio. Dream11 is designed to give sports fans the opportunity to create their dream teams for their favorite sports such as cricket, hockey, and football, so the name seems appropriate. The platform has reached over 110 million users and hosts fantasy sports across 11 sports.

How does dream11 work?

Dream11 is a free application that lets you create fantasy sports teams and win real money. According to different sports you choose a different number of players and join the contest to compete with fellow competitors. For example: In cricket, you can choose 11 players: 1-4 Wicketkeepers, 3-6 Batsman, 1-4 All-rounders, and 3-6 Bowlers. The total tally should be 11. After you are done with selecting 11 players, You have to make a Captain and Vice-Captain each. Captain gets 2x points and Vice-Captain gets 1.5x points. You can create a maximum of 20 teams in dream11

After making the team you can join any contest of your wish, ranging variedly on the basis of entry fee, contest size, winning amount, and much more.

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Play your favorite games in Dream11 like cricket, Kabaddi, football, and others. Their team members are based on professional players who have played real games in the IPL. Dream11 allows players to win massive money by performing better than the opposing team.  

How to download dream11?

There are different ways to download the app:

  1. Download apk file from here: http://m.d11.io/Dream11-apps
  2. You can directly get the app link in your mobile by the sms from the official website: https://www.dream11.com/
  3. For iphone users they can download by following the link: http://m.d11.io/Dream11-apps
  4. You can also download by scanning the QR code given in their official website.

How it is different from other Apps?

Social contacts with like-minded athletes are an important part of the fantasy sports user experience and the Dream11 app provides a variety of ways to interact with them. Dream11 distinguishes itself from fantasy sports platforms and competitors with its rich social offering. The app’s social features allow users to post videos, pictures, and images in group chats.    

Technology used

Dream11 uses Amazon’s Recognition Machine Learning (ML) service to automate image and video analysis. The app also capitalized on the popularity of cricket, a game that has attracted serious attention from several major companies including Disney and Facebook.

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Dream11 explores the fantasy component of the game by allowing players to form virtual teams of real-life players and allowing them to organize games based on the statistical performance of those players in real-life games.    

Dream 11 shareholders

We are proud to contribute to the overall expansion of the Indian sports ecosystem. In addition to Steadview, Dream11 investors include Kalaari Capital, Think Investment, Multiple Equity, and Tencent.    

Sponsorships in various sports

  • The Indian Premier League cricket tournament is sponsored by Dream11. Unicorn fantasy website Dream11 has been selected by Voltdb to provide its real-time streaming data platform with the ability to support 5G applications.
  • Spain’s La Liga has chosen the Dream11 platform to host its official fantasy games in India.    

How to play and create best team in Dream 11?

Focus on Skill. Dream11 is mostly based on two aspects – statistics and skills. You have to perform in statistics and find your playstyle in skills. Your success in Dream11 depends on your knowledge of the sport and the players you pick in real life. Your score is based on how your selected players perform in a real match.

Dream11 is primarily used as a fantasy cricket and football game, but it is growing to include more international sports. Dream11 offers its users games in the categories Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, National Basketball Association, etc.

You must pay a fee to enter competitions where you can win money. This online fantasy sports platform is an application that allows its users to create imaginary teams. Users pay a certain fee to enter competitions and win real money.    

Dream 11 HacksTips and Tricks to Play Like a Pro

Dream 11 is an online fantasy sports game that can be played merely by using your skills in a particular sport. Here we will tell you some hacks and tips to keep winning in Dream 11

  • Before choosing the players go through their previous stats. The players having good stats, should make space in your team.
  • Select the right players and put them together in the best possible team to reach higher ranks in the ranking. This will help you win the games.
  • Consistency. Do not go overboard. In fact, it is always better to win some, than all of them.
  • If you stick to a perfect formula, you will eventually be able to get most of the competitions.
  • Practice. One of the most important things you need to do is practice. No matter what, keep it consistent and keep your focus.
  • Get the help of an Arbiter. Always get the help of an Arbiter to receive positive feedback about your own team in order to improve.
  • Use your Head, Hands, and Feet. Using the head, you can take the right decisions as to whom you should choose in the team.
  • The hands can do their job by creating the chance in the market to earn more money.
  • Similarly, the feet can do their job by making a good play in the game.

How to change a team in dream11 during a match?

This is the most obvious doubt which many players have in their minds. That, Can they change a team in dream 11 during a match? The answer to this question is a big “NO”. You can not change the team during a match. Because the server from dream11 end cut off all the editing process as the deadline passes. However, you have the option to switch your team before the deadline.

  • To switch team you need to create a minimum of two teams to switch.
  • As, you join the contest you see the option of switching in right hand side.
  • Click on the switch button, and you will be displayed your all teams to switch.
  • Choose the team with which you want to switch.

Keeping Up With the Latest Features

Dream 11 has always innovated. The one such feature introduced with this year’s game was Dream 11 Fantasy Feed. The new feature will allow players to read and react to the actions of other players. Players will also be able to play with friends through the Dream Team or Dream 11 Private Chat, which allows two users to play together online.

Dream11 is committed to creating a safe and open environment for expression and giving people a voice in the social communities available on the Dream11 website, mobile apps, and the Dream11 platform. The use of the Dream11 platform constitutes user acceptance guidelines and community guidelines, which may be set and amended from time to time.

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Dream11 will review all posts and comments, issue warnings by e-mail and remove the entire post if it is found to be in violation of Dream11 Community Guidelines. It prohibits and blocks users who post offensive content and report such behavior to the appropriate authorities, helplines, and third-party providers at Dream11’s sole discretion.

Dedicated Customer Support of Dream11

The support of the Dream11 team and Dream11 CEO is exceptional. They do not just reply to the messages, but also give immediate responses to the players. Dream 11 is offering dedicated customer support through a team of dedicated agents. The Secret Strategies Although the other players are better at scoring points, there are some tricks to do well.

The most important aspect is to keep self-control while playing. Don’t go blindly after this. Always keep your brain open while playing fantasy sports games. Do not shed your hard-earned money.

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