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Faith in simple terms means to believe in someone, even when we do not have hard proof evidence. However, it does not mean to lose your common sense. Faith over fear similarly is to have a firm belief in yourself and God. And, you will find your all problems getting solved within a span of time.

What is faith?

“Faith is believing without seeing.” – Unknown Faith is looking for confirmation with the eyes, heart, mind, and even your body. You can still give your 110% without having belief. If you cannot give your 110%, how can you hope for the impossible? It’s not easy to keep believing in yourself when you are going through the most difficult times in your life. Take a step. Maybe not believing, but simply taking a step to believe.

There will always be times when you feel that you are alone, that you’re not good enough, and that people hate you. But when you have faith, you will know that these simply lie you’re telling yourself. You are good enough, you can be successful and you can achieve your dreams.

What does faith over fear mean?

There’s a brief story I would like to narrate that I heard from my elder one. In 2010, He set out on a walk to prove that there was life after death. While he walked along the way, this walk began to become more of a battle than he thought it would be. The heart attack he had a year before made his body weak.

Faith over fear

However, now he had to rely on God for his strength to keep walking. Throughout this journey, he would see signs of life everywhere. This was the positivity and the faith over fear he has generated over time. Wondering, he would see beautiful flowers and red birds on other people’s lawns. Moreover, he saw the state government building where he was supposed to turn in his application for a local organization. He was able to pray with all the people he saw along his way and He even had the privilege to pray for others in need.

But one thing he learned about the attack was to have faith. If you do not believe in God- You can still have faith in yourself.

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Faith over fear in the Bible

This is something you know by faith, even if you do not have all the facts. All the apostles of Jesus were ordained by God to preach the gospel. The closest proof of their preaching and faith was the fact that God raised them from the dead. Jesus was the perfect example of what faith means over fear. Faith in God comes from faith in his word, especially the Bible. If you are going to love God with your life, then you must believe that God loves you and created you, to have a relationship with him. This means you believe in Jesus, his death and resurrection, and in him. If you do not have this faith, then you do not know who to believe in.

Faith and the Common Sense

When we think about faith, we will often associate it with religious faith. However, to truly be grounded in your faith, you must put aside that extra weight and think about the facts and the scientific aspects of it. To do this, you must take the scientific reasoning that we all know, as well as the common sense aspects, and combine it into a unified whole. Your faith will become as deep as the ocean. You should not be afraid to spend your time outside your comfort zone and be prepared to come up with the answers. You Need to think Outside Of The Box. Many a time in life we expect answers to come easily, and many times it simply does not.

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faith over fear quotes by swami vivekanand

Some more famous and useful quotes for your daily life.

“He that has faith in Me shall never be moved.” – Quran

“Faith comes from your own heart and is not of the heart of the person” – A true sign of a believer.

“I am more afraid of a human being who has faith in God than of a human being who does not. This is because in the first case one knows that no matter what he does, God will not abandon him.

“Faith is simply a natural tendency to believe in God. It is not a commitment.”

“Fear is the last refuge of the incompetent”.

“A man of strong faith can face almost any problem.

It is the lack of it which causes problems.”

“To suffer in the midst of doubt is to live in a world of darkness.


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