Fear!-How to remove fear from mind and heart?

Every human being is afraid of something or the other. If someone says that he is not afraid of anything, then it will be a lie. Fear is felt by everyone, but some people adopt the right way of dealing with it, due to which they leave behind many fears of life and move forward. It is something that stops us from moving forward. It is a negative thought, which really affects our minds.

Nowadays there is so much negativity around us that the mind is unable to think well even if it wants to. However, there are very few people who encourage each other. In the race to move forward, people keep leaving each other behind. Due to the wrong environment all around, people lose trust, negatives have become more. This thinking gets inside us, and then somehow it comes out in the form of fear.

Fear Types

S.No.Type of Fear(Depending on person to person)
1.Fear of being spilled
2.Fear of standing in front of a crowd
3.Of heights, or water
4.Fear of Death
5.Fear of losing someone
Some common types of fear people may experience in their life

Reason of Fear

  • We are afraid of failing if we do not study at the time of examination, sometimes due to the high expectations of parents, there is a fear of failure.
  • Fear of rejection. We are afraid before saying anything, because it seems that the person in front will reject it
  • There is fear of humiliation.
  • Fear of the boss for not doing the right thing in the office.
severe impacts of fear
Severe impacts of fear.

Consequences of Fear

  • People goes into depression.
  • Subsequently, you start to lie.
  • Due to negative thinking, one loses self-confidence.
  • One’s development and progress stops.
  • Due to fear, one cannot say its right thing.
  • Fear also results to life threatining thoughts such as suicide.

How to remove fear from mind and heart

Everything can be overcome if one has a strong desire. And, so is the fear. There are many ways to overcome it. Some of them are as follows to remove fear from mind and heart:

Creating Positive thinking

Fear arises only when we believe in the old things going on in our minds. We feel that this is the only truth, nothing else can happen. We fill our minds with negative thoughts, after which there is no room for anything good.

Keep yourself completely positive– If you think well then it will be well. It is said that what we think happens. There is so much power in our thinking that it can get it done whatever it wants. Apart from this, control your thinking. Don’t keep thinking about anything while sitting. Sometimes our thinking becomes our enemy. Some ways to stay positive:

  • Stay in the company of positive people, talk to them, know their experiences.
  • Watch positive media, read books. Seeing good reading makes thinking like that too.
  • Don’t get discouraged by failing, move ahead with a positive mindset.

Leaving the old things behind and move on

We have some such old experiences, due to which we are not able to move forward, we keep them in our fists. The time which has passed will never come back. It is not necessary that the old thing that bothered you at that time should still do it. Learn from past experience and move forward fearlessly. The more we are afraid of, the more it will scare us.

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Take a deep breath when you are scared

This is the readiest way to remove fear. If you are afraid of anything, sit down. Take deep, long breaths. Do this for 5 minutes, you will feel at peace.

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Don’t think about the future

Sometimes we get scared about the future. What will happen tomorrow, what will be our future, whether we will get a job or not, whether we will get married or not, what will be the future of children, whether parents will agree or not. By thinking like this, we spoil our today. We have no emphasis on the future, we do not know whether we will live or die tomorrow. God says, “We cannot add more than a day to our life by worrying, even if we cannot do such a small task, then what should we worry about, tomorrow will worry itself, today’s matter and sorrow for today. Enough.” Live in the present, thinking about the future spoils our present.

Be Confident

It is good to have trust in others, but today’s world does not allow us to do this. First of all trust in God. Remember God is for us, He is with us, He never disappoints those who believe in Him. After that believe in yourself. Only confident people move forward in the world. Do not depend on others, work on your own and fulfill your dreams.

Conquer It

Make a list of the things that scare you. Put the most feared tasks at the top, and think about how to accomplish them. As soon as these things are done, your fear will disappear. Make a list of your weaknesses and strengths as well. No one knows better than you what your weakness or strength is. Many times we ourselves do not think in this direction. If you know all about yourself, then you will be able to extract yourself in a better way in a situation like that.


Meditation is a lot. Sitting alone in peace for 20-30 minutes a day, makes your mind relaxed. If you believe in God, then spend this time in prayer with God. However, if you are an atheist, you can just meditate. Meditation means listening to the voice of your mind. For a while forget the worldly things and listen to the voice of the soul inside your mind. Whatever is troubling you, tell it to God, and put it at his feet. Or talk to yourself. By doing this you will feel an inner strength. Your mind will be calm and positivity will come.

meditation connects soul to peace
Meditation connects our soul to peace

Don’t accept fear

Fear comes in many forms. It scares you, to keep his fear. It comes to us only when we allow it. When you feel scared, think the exact opposite of that thing, or think about the worst consequences of that thing. By doing this, you fight the fear face to face. It can be reduced by turning a blind eye to fear.

Set Targets

When we do not have direction or goals in life, we go astray. Wrong thoughts, satanic things, fears start building up in the mind. When we have a destination, we pay more attention to that destination and not to the difficult road. Small victories received at the time of achieving the goal will give you happiness, confidence will increase, which will also reduce your fear.

By the way, fear is not always bad, there should be some fear in life. Think how we would have studied if we didn’t have the fear of failing. If there is no fear of scolding from mom and dad, then how to walk on the right path. Moreover, if there is no fear of getting sick, then how can we keep our health healthy? If there is no fear of the boss, then how can we do work in the office at the right time. If you remain positive, then the atmosphere around you will also be pleasant. You share your inner positivity with others as well.


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