Freelancing-How to start freelancing with no experience?

One basic question that everyone has, how to start freelancing from scratch? So here we are to give you complete details about freelancing. Essentially, freelancing is a form of work where one person works for themselves, rather than for a company. Whereas, freelancers work for corporations and organizations, but they are self-employed. So, here we will look at all the aspects required in freelancing.

How to Start Freelancing from Scratch: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success

This is basically a simple concept where freelancers contact corporations through various platforms for projects. Freelancers are liable for all types of things that conventional workers are usually not. Similar to, setting their work hours, and maintaining monitor of time spent on completely different initiatives. And paying their very own employment and enterprise taxes. They are not the employees of any company but are totally independent.

What is freelancing?

According to the Freelancers Union, there are over 43.5 million freelancers in the United States alone. And with all that personal responsibility comes freedom. Freedom from a 9-to-5 workday, freedom from having a boss, freedom from having to go to the office. And more importantly, the freedom to work, however, whenever, and wherever one wants.

Many employees have been asking themselves “What’s better: a stable job with a salary or the freedom to work whenever you want?” And a recent article from Fast Company details the rise of the freelance economy and how millennials are driving it. “The booming growth of the freelance economy has coincided with the big spike in entrepreneurship of the last few years.

Freelancing myths

Despite the many pros of being a freelance worker, many people are discouraged from doing so, often for very good reasons. Some of these reasons are minor and they’re easy to put aside, while others are major and quite difficult to ignore.

Here are five reasons that freelancers are discouraged, and how to overcome them.

  • Freelancers are often viewed as unprofessional. While everyone is only human, it can be difficult for non-freelancers to see people they perceive as less than “professional” as freelancers.
  • For instance, freelancers are not considered full-time employees, and they take on numerous projects from a variety of clients. People can lose confidence in their ability to complete a project when they can’t see every project the way the client is.

How to set up your workspace?

You need to dedicate an area of your home or office to your workspace. For most of us, that means you have to give up one or two rooms of your house in order to afford the space needed to work for yourself. Some choose to use this space as a dedicated office, while others prefer to keep it simple, setting up a desk in a bedroom or a closet. It’s often hard to decide whether your home office space is too big or too small. After all, if you’re working alone, why spend hours agonizing over it? So, one way to help make your choice easier is to measure your room to make sure you have enough space. “If the space you need isn’t readily available, you may have to get creative.”

Freelancing work culture
Freelancing work culture

Do you need a degree for freelance work?

The truth is, you don’t need any sort of formal education or certification for freelance work. In fact, some of the best freelance work opportunities are in fields that don’t necessarily require any sort of advanced degree. One great example is providing IT services. Many freelancers that work in the IT industry often have no formal education but have spent years sharpening their technical skills. Similarly, there are jobs in the arts and entertainment that don’t require a degree. This is especially true for jobs in writing, drawing, painting, etc.

Finding work in the digital age

Even though freelancing is more common today than ever, many individuals are still not aware of all the benefits it has to offer. The gig economy is still in its early stages, and there’s a wide range of job types that go along with it. Just like traditional employees, freelancers have a variety of income sources.

However, because many freelancers find value in the flexibility and freedom that they gain from freelancing, it is much easier to manage their personal finances. Gaining experience and making money With this in mind, a growing number of people are turning to freelance work as a source of income. This is in spite of the fact that the gig economy is still in its infancy, which makes it difficult for the average consumer to understand the pros and cons of freelancing.

Pricing your services

Because of the flexibility freelancing offers, prices for each job are often negotiable. A good starting point is looking at other freelancers’ prices. Chances are, other freelancers’ prices are going to be pretty close to yours, or maybe even more expensive than yours. The two most important numbers to look at are the hourly rate and the rate per hour.

When it comes to pricing, most experts believe that the best way to get a fair price for your services is to set your hourly rate to 50% of your hourly salary (if you make a higher hourly salary, then you’ll need to set your rate higher). When it comes to the rate per hour, the two ways to calculate this are either: Hourly Rate + Rate Per Hour. This means that your rate per hour is the maximum rate you can charge.

Freelancing platforms

1. Fiverr

It is a very good platform, that connects freelancers with corporations looking for services in projects like web designing, content writing, and voiceovers.

How to start free lancing with no experience on fiverr?

If you happen to be a freelancer and want to know how to become profitable from Fiverr, your incomes potential is countless. With Fiverr, you’ll be able to journey anyplace on this planet you need, utilizing your expertise and, in fact, getting paid.

Innovation made it easier and simpler for us. Freelance is the buzzword as we speak to the market, and companies, whether big or small all are looking for freelancers to get their jobs completed. However, how are you going to discover a real freelance service? Effectively, online portals like Fiverr have put a finish to those problems.

You can start by doing any of the following work on Fiverr:

  • Website designing
  • Content writing
  • Logo designer
  • Data entry
  • Creating videos
  • Generating backlinks

The most important thing one should keep in mind is that they must work up to the requirements of their client. And, meet their satisfaction level of work. This increases your high chances of getting more projects if your ratings are high.


Another amazing platform for freelancers is where they can find clients all over the world. Signing up on freelancers is very easy. You can sign up as a freelancer or business owner as per your requirements. Projects offered here are web designing, web marketing, content writer, etc.

About the payment, you will receive full payment after project completion. This platform keeps 10 percent of your total fixed earning.

To read more about, how works please read

3. upwork

This is also a great platform that offers opportunities to freelancers. Skills and projects are from varied fields like Development & IT Design, Creative Sales & Marketing, Writing & Translation, Admin & Customer Support, Finance & Accounting.

Apart from this, they offer content writing, web designing, android developers, video editors, Front end developers, and data scientists.

4. Linkedin

You all are familiar with LinkedIn. Basically, it is a social networking site where professionals connect with each other. Apart from providing jobs it also offers freelancing works. Freelancing projects include content writing, web designing, android developers, video editors, Front end developers, and data scientists. Moreover, you can find work for IT Design, Software Development, Creative Sales & Marketing, Writing & Translation, Admin & Customer Support, Finance & Accounting.

Here we are listing some more freelancing platforms. So, you can figure out the best that suits you.

5. Flexjobs

6. SimplyHired

7. Behance

8. 99designs

9. Taskrabbit

10. Designhill

Getting paid as a freelancer

Whether you are a beginner looking to make some extra money to invest in a new home, a stay-at-home mother who needs some extra cash for daycare, or a recent college grad looking for a change, a freelancing career is worth considering. It might be a sound career move to dip your toes in the water and see what freelancing is all about. Getting your start Freelancing requires you to be extremely resourceful. You will need to research companies or businesses that you want to freelance with and find the best offers for you. These opportunities usually come from networking, word of mouth, or social media, such as Reddit or Facebook.

In case you missed it:

The importance of pricing your services correctly

The price of your services, or your rate, is incredibly important in determining the amount of work you will receive. A common misconception about pricing your services is that it should be based on the time you put in, rather than the value you create for your clients. This common misconception stems from the fact that there are fewer businesses (and therefore fewer potential clients) available to your clients than there are freelancers.

If a company can find ten more freelancers to take on the job, it is likely that it will be able to save money by hiring one of those ten. However, if a company has a smaller pool of candidates to choose from, then it may need to pay a higher rate. Pricing is also important because it will directly impact your ability to take on more projects.

The importance of getting paid

You might wonder why freelancers worry about money so much. After all, they are not owed a salary by a company and are their own bosses. However, a lack of a salary makes freelancing more challenging. Some freelancers don’t want to use up their savings before they have a steady source of income. Others simply don’t know how to budget or track their money.

If you are starting out as a freelancer, you’ll need to take care of all of these tasks yourself. Fortunately, most freelancing platforms are designed to help freelancers track their income and expenses. While you still need to do some of the work yourself, you can take care of more of it, giving you the ability to manage your money on a regular basis.


The good news is, freelancing is becoming more and more popular, and you can leverage your job and educational experiences to start your freelance career. Whether you’re entering the world of freelancing completely fresh, or you’re using this article as a guide to reach the point of starting your career, start working toward your goal.


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