Greenhouse effect? A short note on the greenhouse effect!!

Wondering! what is the greenhouse effect? or you are asked to write a short note on the greenhouse effect? Let’s discuss your problem. The greenhouse effect is the warming of the earth’s surface and troposphere. It is caused by the presence of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and certain other gases in the air. The incident sunlight is reflected back into the Earth’s atmosphere from the surface, and most of what is absorbed in the surface heat up.

The IR radiation escaping into space is absorbed by greenhouse gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane) in the atmosphere and returned to the surface in space, where it continues to warm, heating the surface and warming the lower atmosphere.

What are the causes of greenhouse effect?

Human activities that increase the concentration of natural and synthetic greenhouse gases in the atmosphere amplify the effect itself and lead to climate change. In terms of the amount of heat that the gases that contribute most to the Earth’s greenhouse effect absorb and emit, the best known of these is the global warming potential (GWP) of methane. Which is 2.3 times more effective than nitrous oxide and 2.96 times less effective than carbon dioxide. The methane molecule-by-molecule basis is an active greenhouse gas while carbon dioxide is one of the most abundant in the atmosphere.

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Some most common human activities that cause greenhouse effects are:

1. Deforestation

Cutting down trees without replacing them with new plants or trees is known as deforestation. It is one of the major causes of the greenhouse effect. Trees take carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the environment. But, due to the cutting down of trees, there is an imbalance in the natural cycle resulting in the greenhouse effect.

Deforestation leads to greenhouse effect

2. Fossil Fuels

The burning of fossil fuels is one of the major reasons for the greenhouse effect. As result, a high amount of carbon is emitted into the environment. Which ultimately leads to pollution in the environment.

fossil fuel burning in industries
Burning of fossil fuels

3. Use of Fertilizers in farming

Nowadays fertilizers are extensively used in the farming process. The main chemical that results in the greenhouse effect is Nitrous oxide. The excessive use of nitrous oxide results in harmful effects on the environment.

4. Waste coming out from Industries

As the population is increasing day by day and so the demand for goods and services. To meet these requirements industries are being set up extensively. As a result, various harmful chemicals are released into the environment making Earth and water polluted.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century, burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gasoline have raised the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In particular CO 2 (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA). Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, human activities burning coal and oil as fuels have increased the frequency of heat-trapping gases in the earth’s atmosphere and raised the effect.

Harmful Effects of Greenhouse Effect

There are many consequences of affecting our environment due to human activities. Some of them are listed below.

1. Global Warming

You are aware of global warming from the early childhood days. It is basically the gradual increase of the earth’s temperature. In other words, the greenhouse effect is the warming of the earth’s surface and troposphere(the lower layers of the atmosphere), caused by the presence of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and certain other gases in the air. The net effect is the gradual warming of the Earth’s atmosphere and surface – a process known as the global warming effect. 

global warming due to greenhouse effect.

Consequences of global warming are:

  • Irregularities in season. That means the summer becomes very hot and humid. And the winters become unexpectedly cold.
  • Affects Agriculture productivity. global warming results in poor agricultural production.
  • Floods and drought. Global warming also causes excessive floods and droughts in regions.
  • Health issues. As a result of global warming entire flora and fauna faces health issues accordingly. Like, humans may face Heatwaves, infectious disease, Asthama, and other breathing issues.

2. Ozone Layer

The ozone layer is the layer that protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. Moreover, the ozone layer is found in the upper region known as Stratosphere. Depletion of the ozone layer is one of the most harmful effects of the greenhouse effect.

As the ozone layer is depleting the risk of harmful UV rays entering the earth’s surface is increasing. As a result, human suffers from many harmful diseases caused by the radiations like Cancer. Above all, depletion of the ozone layer results in global warming which is responsible for various other issues as discussed above.

3. Water pollution

An increase in various types of gases and other substances in water as a result of industrial and other waste causes water pollution. Due to which humanity and other species are facing the scarcity of pure water for drinking purposes.

Water being polluted in rivers.

4. Air pollution due to greenhouse effect

Numerous harmful gases are released into the atmosphere which causes Air pollution. Some gases are Methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide. water vapors etc. Due to these harmful gases in the environment, people face various health issues such as Asthama, problems in breathing, etc.

How to reduce Greenhouse effect?

After reading about the causes and effects of the greenhouse effect you may wonder about the solution to such a huge problem. So, here we will tell you some possible methods by which you can contribute to society effectively.

  • Say no to plastic. A big No! to single use plastic by common people can be the great contribution for improving the environment. Plastic can not be decomposed and hence remain for million of years in the environment. As a result, increase in water and earth pollution.
  • Switch to electric vehicles. This is one of the most important step that should be taken to improve the environment’s condition. More use of electric vehicles means less emission of harmful gases in the environment.
  • Plant more and more trees. You can start from your own house. Planting tree is one of the best exercise you can perform to contribute for the healthier environment.


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