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Friends are an important aspect of everyone’s life. And, to be a good friend is a matter of honesty with each other. However, people in the 21st century are busy making their social status. And forgetting the real meaning of friendship. People nowadays want to make a number of friends. However, that’s a very good idea😊. But, the thing is they want to add them to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, and not in real life. In real life, the status is different than the social.

So here we will tell you some of the qualities that you can possess to be a good friend. And also, find in your friends whether they possess these qualities or not?

Be an open and honest friend

Being honest is the easiest, yet the most difficult quality to be in a good friend. It is responsible, to be frank in discussing the problems in life, the problems within the relationship. If you find yourself in a difficult situation in the relationship, it is good to be open about your needs to your friend. Telling each other about your problems is the best way of discussing them and solving them.

Honesty is the best policy is good friendship
Honesty is the best policy
  • Don’t be ashamed to express your feelings and emotions to your friend.
  • Most importantly, be direct in expressing the truth.
  • Being honest and straightforward will always yield a positive outcome.
  • Provide emotional support. There is nothing that is worse than a friend who is insensitive to one’s problems.

Know your role in the friendship

  • A good friend should have a good understanding of each other’s needs. They should be able to understand each other in order to avoid disagreements.
  • Being forgetful is the major fault of a good friend. If you fail to remember or forget to ask how they are, the friendship is doomed.
  • Remembering his needs not only makes your friend feel special but also adds a new dimension to your friendship.
good friend

Listen to their opinions. One of the best qualities of a good friend is that he/she listens to the opinions of his/her friends. Listen to what they are saying to you and try not to fight with their opinions. Stay alert!! Don’t be careless in your interactions with your friend.

Be a good listener to be a good friend

If you are to be a good friend, you should be a good listener. Listening to others is a great thing to do. Listening to your friend about their experience, story, or thoughts on a topic will be a positive thing.

Encourage your friend to dream

A good friend should always encourage their friend to dream big. Inspiring your friend to have a dream, and chasing after that dream is a good thing. Encouraging your friend to chase their dream will make you a great friend.

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Compliment your friend’s interests

In this world, we face lots of challenges and demands. Things that we love doing and things that we enjoy doing are also facing a lot of challenges and demands. Your friend should be supported to explore his/her passions. So, never forget to compliment your friend.

Be there for your friends

“There is a great saying, It’s not what you say, it’s, how you say it.

You should always be genuine with your words. It will go a long way to build a strong friendship. And, if you can’t be honest with someone, then you’re always hiding behind a facade. The Most Important Rule in friendship is to admit when you’re wrong.

Good friend stay together
Stay together, Stay strong

Nobody likes a person who is always hiding his or her insecurities, be it in a relationship, school, workplace, or just anywhere. If you can’t admit when you are wrong, it will be difficult to make bonds with others. Be honest with your own feelings and then you will be able, to be honest with others.

Listen and Encourage them

Listen to your friends without any interruption. Provide quality and effective feedback to your friends without any regrets. It will enable your friends to build their confidence and allow them to become better. Always give your friends the freedom to express themselves and do what they like to do without any form of pressure or intimidation.

Encourage them

Encourage your friends to live their life in a way they would like to as well as advise them against harmful and stupid things they do. As a friend, it is better to always advise your friends to pursue their own life, rather than trying to advise them on how to live their life. It will help your friends become more self-confident.

Show your support to your friends

A good friend should be supportive and should understand your stresses and problems. You should share your personal problems with your friend and also offer help.

Expressing your thoughts and feelings with your friend is one of the best ways to bond with them and strengthen your friendship.

Practice is all about learning. It is not only through practice that you can develop your qualities, it is also about recognizing the good and mediocre qualities of people around you. As a teacher, you should learn from your students and their knowledge. So, you should help your friend in completing their to-do list and plan his schedule accordingly.

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Offer your help to be a good friend

Good friends are the ones who help each other. This doesn’t mean that they help each other unconditionally, but they are also there for the other in times of need.

Enjoy each other’s company

Being in the company of a friend is a lovely experience, isn’t it?😍 And you will never have a problem enjoying each other’s company. Some people don’t want to do anything with other people. However, friendship is the foundation on which you can build a relationship with another person.

Be honest and straightforward. Good friends are honest and direct with each other. If you ask for help, then be ready to give it without having to talk about the issue in depth. Let them know that they are valued for what they bring to the table.

Help out with tasks that are not always fun

Ask a lot of questions to help you understand people better. Listen to your friend’s problems and don’t judge them.

Be supportive

Offer emotional and physical support to your friend. There are various characteristics that make a good friend, but one quality that stands out among all is honesty. The truth is that having friends who are dishonest is worse than having no friends at all. It would be a lie to tell you that there is no good quality in honesty. Good friends are Honest. Moreover, honesty is not only a part of being a good friend, it is a necessary part of life, but it is also an obligation of friendship.

Don’t judge your friends too harshly

You might be a little harsh on your friends, especially when you disagree with them or when you want to protect your own interest. But being a good friend means doing your best to understand your friends’ point of view, and that means you have to be open and be willing to explain your own point of view.

Don’t always look at your friends as your competition. Take time to listen to your friends. As you talk, answer their questions and engage in conversation, and build a stronger relationship with them.

Accept them for who they are

A person may be a lover, friend, and counselor. Regardless of who they are, friends should accept their friend for who they are, and be honest with their friend. Good friends don’t try to change their friends. They just love them the way they are and adjust to their flaws.

No one’s perfect, so accept that your friend is imperfect, and you’ll get along better. Friends should accept each other for who they are, so it’s an ideal and good relationship. Allow them to be imperfect

When you become friends with someone, you’ll probably feel an instant connection with them. What you feel for a person can affect how you treat them. And also, a good friend will let you be imperfect. They can’t fix every problem in the world for you, or in your friendship. But, it can be fought together and that is the sign of good friendship.

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