How to get into a tech career without a degree-

There are many people in this world, who get into a tech career without a tech job. People who are seeking jobs have really good opportunities in this career even without a tech degree. The shift to digital transformation changed the way of operations of businesses as well as how the companies fill the staff. And the current atmosphere of people getting into an IT, it can be even without a degree. 

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Tips to get into a tech career without a degree


Several myths act as a barrier in how to get started in the field without a degree- 

  • Most famous is that you need a four-year degree to get into this sector. 
  • One should get a tech degree to get a basic tech job. 
  • The things which will help you to be successful in this career are only taught in college.  


Areas of IT include cyber security, web development, mobile app development, software development follows a pattern in recruiting technicians and listing qualification sectors. The pattern includes ‘High school diploma or GED required how to get into this field without a degree.

If not having a degree has stopped you from pursuing your career in tech then most of the tech positions in IT companies prove that you need prior experience and extraordinary tech skills. You even don’t need a simple 2-year degree because in most cases hiring managers don’t remove potential candidates because of not having a degree. 

Basic tips to get into this field- 

  • Skill is important than a degree- There is a saying that a tech career is for math geniuses who work in dark rooms. The majority of tech jobs don’t need advanced math. The irony is that the skilled people get into IT and one should have a growth mindset to learn new things. 
  • Be a people person- Furthermore, you are lucky if you are a people person if you have the skill to work in teams. IT is open to people who have good interpersonal skills. 
  • Be a good listener- You don’t only need to be a smooth talker but also know the art of listening to peers and other employees. One should lean in and should not directly jump to critical conclusions. 
  • Be a good problem solver- You should be good at figuring out solutions. This is one of the turning points which will help you to excel in this field. Having attention to detail will have out a conducting line of code and identify cybersecurity threats. 
  • Creativity– Skills like creativity, problem-solving, and attention towards learning will help you to edge and top up your skills. For example, roles like software and web developers will expect you to come up with unique ideas for enhancing new products. 
  • Communication- Good communication skills are prime; transferable communication skills will make a difference here. As most of the IT companies will offer you to work in teams and to handle problems at group level. 

Top IT careers that do not require a degree- 

Moreover, I had mentioned a short glimpse of the most famous careers, the things, and the skills you need to qualify them. These skills and tips can help you to level up your career. 

  • Help desk technician– This career is associated with solving troubleshoot problems and solving network, software, and hardware-related issues and other problems. You should have prior experience in solving complex tech issues in the corporate environment. Having a certification of CompTIA, A + IT will help you to get into an entry-level desk job. You can earn this certification from several online portals and personal pieces of training. 
  • Web/ App developer You should have a good knowledge and basic understanding of HTML, CSS, libraries, and Javascript. Other than this, you should also know about CSS and its frameworks. If you will be successful in learning these skills (also known as fundamental web development skills), so this will give you a basic foundation. This will help to conduct communication with languages.

    To make this career more advanced, then you might need to look for boot camps. This will help to get familiarize me with the ins and outs of being a developer. Some of the great online places with which you can learn are khan academy, Apni Kaksha, MIT open courseware, and code academy. 
  • Systems administrator– Apart from having good skills, you should also offer solutions and support for hardware, software, and other operating things. You should have a piece of good knowledge to protect viruses.
    Other than this, CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications will help you to get into a basic career and get a basic entry-level job. 
  • Cybersecurity Specialist- You need to be technologically savvy, maintaining and updating the information security systems. Hiring managers often give priorities and preferences to candidates having certifications of cybersecurity such as CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+). For beginners, it is advised that one can start with CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+. Practicing these for a few years and helps to hold a hand on cybersecurity experience which will help you to get CySA+ to prove those skills. Other computer forensics skills are also advised to get into these careers.


Advice to excel in this career-

Some jobs at least require a technical degree. If you don’t want to get back to school or college days. Then there are many fully online programs, which will facilitate login into the classes any time and complete your tech course smoothly. Similarly, This will be affordable as well, as in some cases going back to school or colleges can be costly and time-consuming.

A piece of advice-

get into a tech career
Advice to excel in this career

Highest paying jobs without a degree- 

There is a wide range of IT sector jobs for versatile skillsets, given below is the listing of the top jobs which can help you to earn the US $80,000 or more even without a degree. 

  • Software architect- A software development expert is the one who makes high-level design choices. With an average starting salary of $93,368 without a degree and $97,490 with a degree. 
  • Dev/Ops engineer- These engineers are aware of the coding language, security system experience, and software engineering. The average salary is $92,644 without a degree and $93,000 with a degree. 
  • Developer– They are famous and called computer programmers or coders. The salary is $92,145 without a degree and $96,550 with a degree.   
  • IT Manager– Salary is $92,000 without a degree and $85,500 with a degree. 
  • Data Scientist – The salary is $92,000 without a degree and $93,713 with a degree. 
  • Product Manager– The salary is $88,000 without a degree, and $102,000with a degree. 

Mobile developers, QA analysts, business analysts are also famous careers that have good salaries of up to $100,000. 

Piece of advice from a specialist- 

Tracy Pound who have their own IT training company in the UK. She advises that the IT sector is one of the biggest and most dynamic sectors. She had had an experience of 4 decades now and doesn’t have a degree. 3 main features as per her will help you to excel are embracing change, being a problem solver, and learning attitude. 

Our other experts are the CEO of a drone services company, his name is Frank J. Segarra. One of the most important skills which helped him to excel was his communication skills and researches. According to him, you can achieve anything if you have a positive attitude. 

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