How to get water out of your Phone Speakers-100%

You might have faced this problem once in a lifetime. If not? then you are the lucky one! So here we will tell you how to get water out of your phone speakers. And also we will discuss how to get water out of various phones without putting it in rice.

How to get water out of your iPhone speakers

  • Make sure that your phone is clean!
  • Don’t clap the speakers (unless you are an expert!) and make sure that you have covered your mouth while smacking it with the phone! 
  • Put some soap in your mouth and swish it for a few seconds.
  • Let it stay for a few minutes, then swish it again.
  • Rinse out your mouth and you should get some water out of the speakers.
  • Rinse the soap out and you can have a clean smartphone. Iphone mobile damaged by water in speakers

How to get water out of your Samsung phone speakers

Here we are giving you step by step guide to getting water out of your Samsung phone speakers. It might seem very complicated but all you need to do is following the steps to get it done.

  • First of all, you have to take your phone out of rice if you are using an old phone.
  • Now that you have removed the rice you need to clean the battery of your phone as it might be dried up due to lack of water.
  • Once your battery is cleaned out it will make it possible for you to get water out of your phone speaker.  

How to get rid of water from different Samsung galaxy model

First of all, Filter with your hands. Make sure your phone is already turned off. Now you can use a small-sized plastic cup. Put it into your phone speaker and wait for a while. Once the water starts to flow from your phone speaker, you can just put the cup in the rice. This should help you to get your phone speaker all dry.

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How to get water out of any other smartphone

When water gets inside your phone, it makes an irritating sound. We all know water makes a disgusting sound and you might not like it. Some of you might be thinking “I don’t need to hear that sound all the time,” but we all know that by removing the water, the sound is now not irritating. So now you have no choice but to listen to it! So let’s get started. 

After you are failed in all the above attempts you can go with the hair dryer. Yes, it can be a magical remedy to your big problem. Put dryer in hot mode and blow it in the speaker for 2-5 minutes.

If you are lucky enough, It can prove to be an easy solution to your big problem.

What steps to take as soon as water gets into your phone?

As you should always be careful about the mobile phone device that it does not get any damage. However, we all are humans afterall. Mistakes can happen any time with any one. But, one can take following steps to get rid of the water as soon as it gets inside it:

  • First of all, Switch Off your phone.
  • Then, start blowing air from your mouth for a while.
  • If you are in a home, put your phone vertically in the rice pack, it will do you 90 percent job, if you are lucky.
  • Another method you can try is by blowing a hot hair dryer from the speaker end. This is also very effective method you can go for.

What are the other solutions to get water out of the mobile?

  • Picking and squeezing with your fingers ,but the sound quality might be affected.
  • Cleaning with rubbing alcohol. Pinch the speaker and then slide your finger in between it, so that you can clear the water out. The Sound Is affected !
  • There are many smartphones which don’t have a protective ring around its speakers. That’s why water can get inside it.
  • Most smartphones don’t have rubber inside their speaker, to seal the opening which makes your phone’s speakers water filled.

Water in phone speaker muffled

Before we discuss this topic, it is important to know about what exactly water inside your phone speaker muffled. Water makes your phone’s speaker muffled. And this is one of the main reasons why your earphones are not working. Let’s see what happens to the speaker when there is water inside:

  • Earphones: As it is a complete and a final form of communication, which has two small holes. When water gets inside these holes, the sound disappears and earphones get distorted. And then, they fail. 
  • Wired earphones: When you listen to the audio through wired earphones, the air becomes tight around the hole, thus the music becomes muffled and the phone will not work.

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These are the various simple and best proven methods that you can easily try at home or at any place, where you are stucked with this problem.


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