How to maintain hygiene in underarms and remove blackness

Many a times after having a busy and a laborious day, you might have felt about the hygiene of your body. In which underarms is also one of the important part, which many people ignore it. So, here we are with most common problems of  How to maintain hygiene in underarms? How to keep underarms clean and fresh? How to take care of underarms naturally? and most importantly, How to get rid of dark under arms?

How to maintain hygiene in underarms naturally?

  • You can place slices of cucumber on dark skin to remove up to 20% of dead skin cells in a minute.
  • A loose exfoliation leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells in the armpit area.
  • These cells not only darken the armpits but also clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing.
  • You can use pumice stones to remove these dead cells, but not too coarsely on the armpits, as the skin is sensitive to abrasions.
  • After bathing, rub a slice of lemon on the armpits and leave for 20-30 minutes to lighten the dark skin.
  • You can also rub the armpit skin with sliced potato or a grated potato slice and apply the juice to the affected area.
  • Leave the juice on for 15 minutes and wash off if you notice that the skin appears lighter.
  • It is a bath potato rich in vitamins A and C and bleaches the underarm skin.
  • Rub the paste on your armpits for approximately 10 minutes, wash it off with water. And, do not forget to moisturize your skin.
  • Wash your arms with plenty of water and a neutral pH soap when the first symptoms appear, you can prevent deodorants from aggravating the rash.

    Clean towel to maintain hygiene in underarms
    Use you different towels, brush, and other stuffs, so as to avoid transmission of infectious disease

How to keep underarms clean and fresh?

  • Make a daily habit of washing armpits gently with soap while bathing. It avoids the growth of stinking bacteria in underarms.
  • For lightening the wrist, use a thick slice of lemon, rub it on your armpits and then rinse it off.
  • Potato acid can also be used to whiten the skin.
  • Lemon and potato juice can be taken in equal portions and also applied to the armpits.

    lemon can be very useful in maintaining hygiene in underarms
    Besides Health benefits. Lemon can also be used to maintain hygiene

What are the dark armpits?

Dark armpits refer to the dark part of the skin under the armpits, which tends to be darker than the rest of the body. Dark armpits  can occur both in men and women but women tend to worry about darker armpits because it spoils their chances of wearing sleeveless tops and dresses during the summer season.

Shaving removes the top protective layer of the skin and exposes the skin to chemicals, sweat and friction that can cause dark armpits. Razor blades are abrasive and can remove the top layer, causing irritation in the armpits.

What are the causes of dark underarms?

The darkening of the armpits can be caused by a multiple reasons, such as shaving, sweating and accumulation of dead skin cells. Dark armpits are a widespread phenomenon that can occur for a number of reasons and should be used early in skin care, regardless of skin type.

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Darkening of underarms can also be caused by skin conditions such as acanthosis nigrican, which darkens the skin around the wrinkles. Dark armpits are caused by several factors to which the skin is sensitive. Wearing tight clothing can cause friction on the skin and frequent rubbing can cause dark armpits. 

How to get rid of dark underarms quickly and naturally?

  • Rub a few slices of cucumber a few minutes into your dark armpits and leave their juice for 10 minutes on the skin before rinsing off with water.
  • Vitamin C contained in lemon juice can brighten dark armpits, exfoliate and reveal clean skin due to its acidic properties.
  • Potatoes lighten the skin and reduce the spots and itching associated with dark armpits. This mild lotion not only brightens your skin, but also helps you get rid of armpit odor.
  • You can also use bleach to lighten your underarm skin by mixing baking soda and rose water.
  • Some find white toothpaste as a good remedy to lighten the dark armpits.
  • Natural ingredients cream can also be used in the armpit area to get rid of dark armpits.
  • It should also be borne in mind that excessive hard peeling can lead to inflammation in the sensitive underarm skin, which can lead to increased pigmentation.
  • It is also important to get rid of dead skin cells: Scrubs or apple purée in the armpits can also eliminate dark spots and smells. This paste not only lightens the skin tone, but also kills germs that are present in dead cells and can cause armpit stench. 

Is deodrant good or bad for armpits?

Deodrants are one of the most common used products in our day to day life. But there can be significant harmful effects of deodrants. Fabrics such as synthetic lycra, polyester and nylon can cause a rash in the armpits and it is the most common allergic reaction to deodorant.

  • While deodorant and antiperspirant are essential to stay fresh throughout the day, the presence of alcohol and other harmful ingredients can cause the underarm skin to darken.
  • Stronger deodorants contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin pigmentation, making the armpits appear darker.
  • Deodorants and roll-on antiperspirants have strong chemicals that lead to an inflammatory reaction that darkens the armpits.
  • The constant application of deodorants, waxes and shaving can lead to discoloration of the skin under the armpits and skin irritations. 

Home remedies to lighten dark armpits

In order to deal with the darkening of the armpits, it is important to understand that the skin in the armpits is sensitive and can irritate. You need to take care of your skin to get rid of dark armpits. If you are disturbing dark spots, buy a high-quality skin whitening product and apply it to your armpit.

Use of natural remedies treatments can lighten dark skin. There are a number of home remedies that can help to get rid of embarrassing dark armpits. But darkness under the arm or dark armpits are not a disease or disease to worry about. Try these natural, safe and inexpensive remedies to brighten your dark armpits without any side effects. 

  • The use of lemon to lighten the armpits can irritate sensitive skin and cause rashes and other reactions.
  • Switch from using deodrants on sensitive skin to more natural methods to deal with armpit odour.
  • Apply armpit skin cream or moisturizer. So that it does not deter them. And bleach your feet to act as a natural deodorant and combat the armpit smell. 

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Underarm Rashes and Itching

A rash is a symptom that causes the affected area of the skin to become red, blotchy or swollen.Whenever these rashes occur in places like underarms, thighs, and pubic areas, they cause great discomfort. Armpits on the body are prone to certain rashes due to certain properties of the skin.

Allerrgic purpura

Allerrgic is a serious and life-threatening allergic reaction caused by rashes and can affect the joints, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Skin rashes are often caused by allergic reactions to foods, medicines or products such as lotions and detergents. They are also associated with skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and impetigo.

Pinterest eczema

Heat stroke and chafing can cause armpit rash. Irritating contact eczema develops when a red, itchy armpit develops that irritates the skin. Chafing is often accompanied by a sweat rash in the armpit, where moist skin quickly irritates.

Armpit Rash

It is similar to spots on other parts of the body such as the elbows, knees and neck. You may not be able to see the rash, but in some cases itching and irritation can be unbearable. Eczema rash itches leads to a dark, rough, leathery patch of skin that dries out, forms crusts and swells. 

Excessive sweating leads not only to embarrassing pit marks, unpleasant body odor and unpleasant rashes, but also to what is known as an armpit sweat rash. Armpit rash affects everyone regardless of skin type, but certain factors can make you more susceptible to it. Complications of armpit rash if left alone, it can lead to severe bacterial and fungal infections if left untreated.

Atopic dermatitis

Another type of armpit rash is atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, and often begins in childhood. However, rashes can be caused by your daily lifestyle and skin conditions. So, it is most important to maintain hygiene in underarms. In contact dermatitis, the rash is red, itchy, dry and may develop blisters.

The rash, caused by infection with Corynebacterium minutissimum bacteria, appears reddish-tanned with a slight wrinkling of the skin. In addition to the armpit, it can also affect other areas of the skin below the creases, such as the groin folds, breasts, toes and the tissue in the space between them.


People may develop a rash in their armpits by using deodorants if they are allergic to one or more of their ingredients or if the fragrances used in deodorants are too hard on the skin. Intertrigo is a common armpit rash that causes burning red maceration when the skin is softened or irritated by too much moisture.


Scratching makes the skin more susceptible to infection and can make a simple rash a bigger problem. It can lead to infections of the sensitive skin and cause heat rash in the armpits, which can escalate into a larger problem. 

Heat Rash

A dehydrated body can lead to dry skin, which can aggravate the rash. Heat can mix with sweat on the skin, causing irritation and a rash called a heat rash.

Armpit sweating rash appears as a bumpy red patch of skin in the armpit area. Skin rashes in the armpits may not be visible to people around you, but if you know them, they can be ugly, itchy and drive you crazy. 

How to protect yourself from Rashesh and itching?

  • Do not apply perfumes, deodorants, roll-ons or any fragrant skin products to your armpits. As they can aggravate the rash. If you notice that a particular deodorant or other skin product has a rash, stop using it immediately.
  • Do not scratch the rash as it can damage and contaminate your skin, causing more pain, longer healing times and secondary infections.
  • Although all rashes look and feel similar, there are several different causes for armpit rashes, meaning treatment options are not a one-size-fits-all solution. 
  • Rashesh can be due to fungal or bacterial infection. If condition get worse. Visit to the nearby doctor immediately.
  • Over-the-counter anti-itching creams are effective against armpit and sweat rashes.
  • The use of an anti-scouring powder can also help to reduce the discomfort caused by rashes in the armpits. It will not get rid of the rash completely, but it can help make it more bearable, especially if you have tried other treatments.
  • Do not dry by rubbing your towel against the skin, as friction can irritate the rash. You can also put ice cubes under the armpit to sweat off the rash to help with itching.

The problem of underarm rash may look simple in earlier stages. But it can become severe at later stages if not given proper care. Hygiene in underarms is one of the most important aspects of body hygiene. Many of us ignore this aspects and faces various problems.


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