iPhone battery 100% Optimization and maintenance

Mobile phones are an integral part of most people around the world. Do you feel the same? I guess you do!! And, If you are an iPhone user you might feel lucky in many aspects. But, not in the case of battery performance. You can’t do much about that. But things that can be under your control, should be done with perfection. So, here we will tell you some amazing ways that work 100 percent for iPhone battery optimization.

Many applications use the iPhone’s tracking services, which can affect battery life. Most apps also have the ability to send notifications about the speed of draining the battery. So, stop all the tracking apps and services.

Disable location service  

To disable location services,

  • Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services. If you don’t want to disable all tracking services or turn off tracking services for certain apps, again go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and select the service specifically you want to disable tracking services.
iPhone battery saving tips
Turn off location services

Stop! Do not hurry updating

  • Before upgrading your apps or accessing new app features, you should try an updated test first, as new features can bring a swarm of bugs that affect the performance and battery health of your iPhone device.
  • Moreover, You can manage apps in the background app update settings and suspend those you don’t need.
  • Disable the app app-by-app and return to the previous menu to find refreshing apps.

Updating the background app can harm battery life, but switching it off can help the battery last longer. You can disable the background app update by not selecting an app update in the background. Disabling background updates for some activities and apps is not essential to extend battery life, so make sure you disable them periodically.   

Brushing up on a background app that updates in the background takes advantage of battery resources. The background update is convenient but drains battery life. You can tap the refresh background app button to turn it off or activate it while it’s connected to WiFi, which doesn’t affect the battery as much as downloading to mobile phones.    

Turn on optimized iPhone battery charging

To ensure that your iPhone battery remains healthy:

  • Turn on optimized battery charging in the battery health section of the Settings app.
  • Optimized battery charging enables the iPhone to learn about its charging plan, so it can wait until it is charged to over 80 percent. For example, you can place your phone on a charger during the night in an Optimized Battery Charge setting and keep it charged at 80 percent to recharge them when you wake up to reduce battery aging.    

However, If you want your phone to be 100% charged and accept battery aging, you can disable optimized battery charging.

  • Tap Battery -> Battery Status -> and turn on the Optimized Battery Charge switch to disable it.
  • If the iPhone is 80% loaded and waiting to finish the remaining 20%, you can tell the iPhone to ignore the optimization settings and set a timetable for completing the load at 100%. Interesting ? Let’s see some more.

More of that you can configure in optimized battery section

Once again, Optimized Battery Charging is a feature that helps to extend the battery life of the iPhone by reducing battery charging time. Apple is trying to make your iPhone’s battery last longer so you can use it for longer periods without waiting. Apple has optimized charging for users who definitely need to charge and use the iPhone more often than usual to extend the battery life of the iPhone.  

In the end, you should understand that this is a good measure to extend the life cycle of the battery. iPhone lithium-ion batteries tend to have a long lifespan, even if they are not fully charged. However, an iPhone battery, like any battery in any device, will need to degrade and one day is replaced.    

The idea is that when you plug your iPhone in for charging, it is charged at a normal speed of 80% of the current, which means that the battery charge lasts until the minute you wake up at 100% of the charge. In other words, your iPhone will charge in an old-fashioned way, just like before iOS 13.  

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Figure out the app that is of low use but drains more battery

The iPhone can tell you which apps use the most battery, so you can make sure that nothing drains your battery without your knowledge.

Go to Settings > Battery, and you will see a list of apps that consume the most power in the last 24 hours and seven days. With iOS 12, you can view your app usage in the last 24 hours as well as in the last 5 days.    

iPhone battery
In the battery, section find the app that consumes more battery

Increasing battery consumption due to background app activity and screen time can affect the battery health of your iPhone. If you have a low battery, you may not want your iPhone to do things you wouldn’t normally initiate, such as downloading apps, downloading other devices, downloading software, or app updates.  

Battery Booster Saver

Learn more about the performance of the iPhone battery and how to maximize its life. With Battery Saver, you can check which files occupy the largest amount of storage space on your phone, view your phone’s storage status, and provide a series of easy-to-understand tips for preserving your iPhone’s battery life.

Battery Booster Saver brings a beautiful user interface full of usage and charge warnings. Like, the other battery optimization apps mentioned above, Good Battery Manager Pro offers many special tips to maximize battery life. What sets this app apart from other apps is that it offers a lot of battery themes and fun options to activate and recharge locks, passwords, alarms.    

Low Power Mode

Low power mode minimizes the power consumption of your iPhone when the battery runs out. With this knowledge, you can limit the use of power-hungry apps before you run out of juice. Change which features you turn on and off to save energy.    

iPhone battery optimization
Enable low power mode

Keep in mind that, in a low power mode some of your favorite tasks may not work. For example, Automatic downloading, Siri, Email services, Background apps, etc.

Say No to extreme temperatures while you carry iPhone

Batteries in iPhone are Lithium-ion batteries. These are sensitive to harsh temperatures(i.e. extreme heat and extreme cold).

Apple says that an official comfort zone temperature range for iOS devices should be- 0° C to 35° C (32°F to 95° F).

However, realistically it is not always possible to maintain the recommended temperature. A lot of places have temperatures way beyond the recommended operating range. But, you can use thick cases to keep them warm in cold temperatures. And also, avoid leaving your phone exposed to sunlight on a hot day. 

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Try dark mode to save iPhone battery life

This is one of the most important factors that many people skip. But, believe us dark mode can save you lots of battery. And also, it looks good!! To enable dark mode

  • Settings ->Display and Brightness->Dark mode

However, this feature is for ios 13 and above iPhone users only. If, you are one of them. Do, enable Dark mode to enhance your battery performance up to 35-40 percent.

A new feature called Optimize Battery Charge, which helps slow the rate at which your phone’s battery wears down. It helps your battery last longer on a single charge. And also, it helps to maintain the same amount of charge for the years you’ve owned it. Certain location settings on your iPhone 12 that have been disabled due to unexpected variations in location (e.g. When you are traveling or going on vacation) have been moved with the change to stop the functions of the optimized battery charger feature. In terms of testing, it would not be surprising if Apple makes this setting the default setting, provided there is an obvious explanation for why your battery stops charging at 80 percent.


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