Is Blogging Dead? Are blogs still relevant?

Is blogging still relevant? This is one of the questions which annoys people who are thinking of starting a blog in 2022. Sometimes, people get stuck and never take action because of this. But if you are thinking of starting a blog then you should not worry now, as you will get clarity with your concern that is blogging dead, and if it’s not, then what things do you need to follow to grow in that. 

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Blogging and history- 

Blogging is itself the best outreaching tool for most people in the early 20th century. As the entire idea of the internet and the website thing was new to all the people. News sites gained so much popularity in that decade. Health and cooking niches also gained popularity because of the Indian tastes and interests. Later, people’s interest had transformed into informational blogs like facts, tech, and wellness. People started evolving more towards the short content than the long forms.

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Nowadays, due to the increase in video content. The rising curve of video consumption users discouraging a lot of bloggers. I have brought certain statistics which will boost your confidence to the next level. The Internet is a vast virtual place, and Google is the landmark of it. You will be excited to know that currently, more than 600 million blogs are present on the internet out of a total of 1.9 billion websites. Moving forward the number of people who are surfing through the websites for informational content or work purposes is about 100 billion searches per month on average. More than 75% of internet user still loves to read blogs, instead of video content. These are students, professors, professionals, and researchers. 

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Paid ads blogs are an end for new blogs? 

The answer is simply ‘no’. There are around 70 to 80% of the total Google searches that is billions of people still are ignoring the paid ads and scrolling themselves to the organic ones. For this, you just need to understand the importance of ranking your blog on the 1st page on google, as if you will be able to do this so there’s no chance of failure. Every year, Google searches are increasing 10% directly increasing the chance for bloggers and websites. Don’t hesitate if your blog is not running any paid ads, as the power of organic SEO is more than that. As there noticed a research that the users usually prefer to consume the organic content even if the paid content is ranking at the top. For the sake of more reliable information, people just skip the paid ads and gets attracts more towards the organic blogs.

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Pain points- 

  • Clickbait will destroy your blog- 

Even if your blog is ranking on the first page of google but you are adopting malpractices like clickbait things for the success of your blog, then you might end up losing it all. 

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Do you know why? Most bloggers end their career in this with this, as they think for the short term. But they never understood that blogging is a long-term play. If you want to be successful in a blog then you must need patience, but if you will do these clickbait things. Then probably, some traffic will come to your blog but it will come just for losing. Whenever your blog will pop up in front of those users, then they might just skip it with the thought that your blog is all about misleading and no information. 

  • Skim-able- 

Nobody likes to read that much; we humans do not have this much tendency to read long-form blogs. An ideal blog should be more visual content than the written one. 

For example- if you are writing a blog on a health and wellness topic then just like you cover every element of that topic. You must post an image or video content for that particular element that is explaining it nicely or just depicting it. 

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 At times, you won’t find a single image for that. At that time your real blogging skills will come into practice. You can use Canva for just embedding the text into an image or just creating a template regarding the topic. This will help you to polish your graphic designing skills and Google prefer pictures which are not from the internet even if it is a stock picture.

  • Outdated styles- 

People are following a lot of outdated styles. When there was just the beginning of the blogs and the entire blogging industry. There was sparse content on the internet back then. But nowadays, the competition has increased to a much larger extent. You don’t need to make your blog just stand out like a blog, it should be a multimedia blog having memes, gifs, podcasts, videos, etc. Being a blogger you should be aware of the new forms of trends.

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Instead of embedding the textual content on the website, try to embed more podcasts. 

Never hesitate to attach other people’s websites links to our blogs. Many people think that why should they send their users to other’s sites. But that’s not a topic to worry about as linking to more websites will help you to your credibility of the website. This will show that the particular information of your blog is apt and authorized. With a cherry on the top, it will help to build good relationships with the other bloggers. 

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Is Google Blogger dead?

My answer to this is simply ‘No’ as most people do not follow the principles and rules of blogging. Just like Google blogger also have rules in it. People don’t follow the basics of SEO and the Yoast plugins that’s why of the total bloggers, only 30% of the bloggers succeed.

How do I boost the traffic to my blog?

Using traditional methods of marketing is common these days. But to take your blog to a next level, you need to adopt certain under-rated yet most beneficial traffic gainer tactics. First, you can start by embedding the blog link in the comment section of your blog. For this, you need to add certain catchy slogans or topics that will force people to click the link but don’t adopt click-bait things. Use the social bookmarking method, you can use many bookmarking websites to boost traffic to your website. Find certain niche-based youtube videos and start commenting on them with your blogs links. This will attract niche-based users to your blog.


The scope of blogging has never died. It had simply changed the way it used to exist in the market. Just like YouTubers who keep evolving with time, bloggers must continue to evolve to stay relevant as much as they can. Just like they can add template content to their blogs. You can add flip templates to develop the graphics of the website. Just try to follow the above tips to get a boost to your blogging career.  

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