QR CODE-How does QR code work for contact tracing?

You must have heard about the QR code. This is a very amazing trick. If you are an old user on the Internet, then you must have seen it somewhere or if you are a new user then we are going to give you complete information about it in this post. This is a very wonderful way to communicate and send messages to your friends, so let’s read this post and know about it.

What is the use of QR code?

The use of QR code is increasing day by day. Right now many people message their friends and relatives with this trick only. People are also using it offline. Even many shops also use it. You must have seen in many products that QR code is also given so that many people scan this QR code and find out the correct price and company details.

If you want, you can also create a QR code and share it anywhere, we will also tell you below about how to make a QR code and we will also tell you how to scan a QR code so that you can know about it.

Full Form of QR code

The full name of the QR code is Quick Response Code. It was made in 1994 by Denso Wave of Tonya Group. It has been made long ago but still many people do not know about it. When it was made long back, then it was mainly made to track the part of the vehicles, but now it is used for many purposes. Let me tell you a common example that you might have seen it while making payments. And, sometimes it is also given on one side of any identity card. Subsequently, you can scan it and get details about it. It can be read-only after scanning.

What can we do with QR code?

Now, what is your QR code? If you must have come to know about it, now let us tell you about what we can do with QR code. If I tell you clearly, then with this you can give information about something, you can message someone, you can do the transaction, and you can do many more. Let us discuss this in detail below.


Firstly, we can generate a code by writing a message and we can also share the code with a friend and when the friend scans the QR code, he will see the message.


You can bookmark a website or webpage by saving the code.

Phone call by code

We can add a phone number to it. If it scans then the call will be made after the number is scanned.

Contact and gmail Information

We can generate a code by adding Contact Information. If you want, you can also create a code for your email and share it with anyone.

Geographical Information

You can create a code by adding geographical information or location about any place to the code.

Wifi Network Configuration

You can create a QR code by adding the details of Wifi to it and when you scan the code, it will be connected to Wifi.

Mainly, common people now use code for all these purposes. Apart from these, its uses are e. If you use Whatsapp Web on your PC, then you have to add a contact by scanning the QR code. Subsequently, you can use it to use the payment app. You will see this in many products and many places right now. And, its use is increasing day by day because we cannot read it and we can do messages or many other things without any hesitation. So let us discuss how to generate the code.

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It is very simple to make this code. There are also many Mobile Apps and Softwares to make it. But you can also make online very easily. I am telling you some simple steps here. Follow them and generate your code.

Step 1: First of all you go to the web page of the QR code.

Step 2: Select the option, for which you want to generate a QR code.

QR code generator
Here we have selected the URL for generating code.

Step 3: Now, if it asks for free sign-up, do that and save the code or download it.

All the above steps are very simple. We hope you understand and you must have also created a code for yourself. Now, let us know how to use this for various purposes.

How do QR code works for contact tracing?

The primary essential idea used within the method is symptom-based QR well-being codes issued by public well-being authorities. The codes don’t retrieve the geographical location, and data of the customers; instead of that, two colors are supported to distinguish the well-being standing of people. The codes are illustrated in the given figure below. A green code denotes that the person just isn’t contaminated with COVID-19 in keeping with a polymerase chain response (PCR) check document; thus, the person passes the well-being verification check.

green QR code
Green code showing the person is non-infected

In distinction, a red code indicates that the particular person is both contaminated with COVID-19 or the chance of being contamination is excessive. This may be stratified into six situations wherein the person.

Red QR code
Red code showing the person is infected.

The QR codes are the digital certificates of people’s well-being standing. The knowledge within the codes is routinely learned and analyzed by the specified scanners. The core notions of the design are to boost the credibility of information, improve the velocity of processing, and cut back errors arising from guide operation. And, this is how QR code works for contact tracing!!


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