What does Cybersickness feels like?-Symptoms, and Cure!

Friends, every day we wake up in the morning and use our mobile till sleep at night. We spend hours scrolling through social media and watching videos on YouTube. But do you know that doing so is very dangerous for your health? Because people can become victims of cybersickness by looking at mobile or any screen for a long time.

Cybersickness is a problem that no one pays attention to, but it has a very bad effect on human health. In order to inform you all about cybersickness, in this article we have shared all the facts related to cybersickness. By which you can protect yourself from cybersickness.

What does Cybersickness feel like?

Let’s understand cybersickness in simple words, when we look carefully at a digital screen for a long time, after some time it starts burning in the eyes, and the eyes become heavy. These are the symptoms of cybersickness. Cybersickness is also called “virtual reality sickness”. When a person becomes a complete victim of cybersickness. Then that person also stops seeing the difference between the virtual world and the real world. Therefore, when we look at a screen, whether it is a mobile screen or a computer, very carefully for a long time. So after a while, our brain gets completely tired. And our eyes start closing, but even after blinking the eyes, the things going on the screen in our mind move fast.

Why does Cybersickness Happens?

Our brain cannot work faster than a computer. But whenever we see any information or content. Then our brain starts processing that information. When we scroll through social media on mobile, different things go through our minds simultaneously. We come across a lot of things while scrolling through social media. But not all those things fit our minds. Because of this, many times we forget the thing seen within 5 minutes. In such a situation, when a person scrolls social media on the mobile screen for a long time or plays games, or does any work. So after a certain time, people do not feel like looking at the screen or doing any work.

optimal distance to maintain while using laptop, to avoid cybersickness
                                                           ptimal distance to maintain while using a laptop

Whenever we look at the mobile screen, our eyes start getting heavy, our eyelids blink less and we start looking at the mobile screen continuously. That is why it is said that the mobile should be used in short breaks. Keeping an eye on the mobile or any screen for several hours can lead to the problem of cybersickness.

What are the Symptoms of Cybersickness?

As we told you that cybersickness is not a disease. If you stare at a screen for a long time on any given day, you will suddenly feel dizziness. There are some symptoms that tell whether a person has a problem with cybersickness or not. These symptoms are described in detail below –

Changes in mood

Due to the problem of cybersickness, people’s mood swings again and again. Sometimes it feels very good to happen, then suddenly they start feeling very sad. This type of problem is the most characteristic symptom of cybersickness.


If a person is struggling with the problem of cybersickness, then that person starts getting very tired without doing much work. Sometimes, even after getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep, there is so much tiredness in the morning that people feel like sleeping again.


When a person stares at a screen for a long time. So he does not feel like doing any other work because his mind is completely tired. Even though that person has not done some physical work, but because of watching the screen for so long, his body does not have the courage to do any work.

Mild headache

Mild headache is considered a major symptom of cybersickness. Light head heavy when looking at the screen and dark in front of the eyes addresses the problem of cybersickness.


If a person is facing the problem of cybersickness for a long time. So even after looking at this screen for a while, that person’s head will start hurting very much. If this happens to anyone, then that is also a clear indication that that person has cybersickness.


Feeling strange, not understanding anything is such a thing! Which no one can properly explain. If someone is feeling this way. So even that can cause problems of cybersickness.


Sometimes it makes people’s condition so bad that they do not sleep at all. And due to sleep, we do not even digest food properly, due to which they start vomiting.

If you also feel that you have all these symptoms, then you can get relief from this problem by reducing the time you spend on screen.

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Is Cybersickness a disease?

  • Cybersickness is not a disease, it can happen to every person who spends more time on the computer screen or on their mobile than necessary.
  • Due to cybersickness, people have problems like light-seeing, headache, heavy head, dizziness, sleeplessness, which is due to looking at any screen for a long time.
  • The mental state of a human being is affected by sickness. At the same time, it can completely ruin a person’s health.
  • Due to cybersickness, many different types of problems arise in people like lack of concentration, distraction, etc.

Cybersickness Cures

  • If a person has become a victim of cybersickness badly. So that person first has to stop looking at the screen. If that person can’t stop watching the screen. So at least he has to reduce his screen viewing time.
  • Along with limiting screen viewing time, that person should also pay attention to his diet and sleeping time.
  • A person suffering from cybersickness must also do meditation, only then he can heal himself from this problem quickly.
  • However, if the problem becomes serious, Please consult your doctor.

How To Protect Yourself From Cybersickness?

In today’s technology-filled world no work can be done without a mobile or computer. Whether we want it or not, we have to watch on the screen according to the need. That is why people should manage their screen viewing time properly. Along with managing screen viewing time, people should take naps in between, as well as close their eyes whenever they feel heaviness in the eyes.

And try should be to wash your eyes with cold water every half hour. Washing the eyes with cold water gives great relief. It can be avoided using these methods.

Some simple ways to control Cybersickness

  • If you are using your laptop for more than 8hrs a day, you can use computer glasses.
  • It helps to relieve digital eye strain and also block or filter blue light from your screen.
  • Secondly, you should use readability mode while using your mobile for reading purposes. It reduces light reflection to the optimal level so that it does not harm you in any way.
  • Thirdly, reduce the brightness of the screen to a minimum.
  • Try using dark mode most of the time.
  • Last, but not least, keep a minimum bare distance of 15cm-20cm from the screen.

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Q: What are the ways to avoid Cybersickness?

Ans: You can reduce the contrast of your screen, reduce the brightness and increase the font size.

Q: Can a pregnant woman have the problem of cybersickness?

Ans: Yes, a pregnant woman can have the problem of cybersickness. That is why doctors advise the pregnant lady that she should reduce the use of her mobile during pregnancy.

Q: How long does cybersickness last?

Ans: It generally depends on person to person. However, continuous exposure to screens for more than 8 hrs a day can be harmful and can cause this problem. And, cybersickness can last for few days, or weeks, or even months.

Q: Is Cybersickness serious?

Ans: No. It is not that serious until you feel the severe symptoms of this. Moreover, it can be controlled easily by reducing your mobile and desktop screen watch time.


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